The Proprietors

Catherine and Dave live full time on this carefully chosen, wine country property in Kenwood, California. The house is an Arts & Crafts styled, timber-framed hybrid, "green-rated home" which they finished building together in 2010.

They had purchased the land at 1 Mound, which originally contained a charming but very old cottage, in 2002. Dave told Catherine at the time that if they could live through building a home together and were still speaking, they should get married. And they did both!

The Jefferson's love living in Sonoma County and have a strong local connection, are active in Rotary, and have wonderful neighbors. They very much enjoy meeting new people, traveling, sailing and taking many adventures together (as you can see from the "Galleries" page on this site). Catherine is mostly retired from the rural real estate business and is a large-scale home winemaker. Her brand is "Moylan Rouge, " playing off her maiden name. Dave is in the vineyard and winery business and "trying" to retire, just a little.... They love to cook, go out for great local foods, drink wine, sail, garden, and entertain. They have a sweet cat named Tule who you may meet when you stay here, and a flock of chickens to keep them company.