Welcome to the Big Red Barn!

Check-In Information



The address is 1 Mound Avenue, Kenwood CA, 95452. My cell phone/text number is 707-484-7228, email moylan@sonic.net. I’m usually very quick and responsive, but in the unlikely event I don’t get back to you quickly, you can call our landline at 707-833-2060.

There is a gate code at the bridge to get onto the property. I will email or text you this number prior to arrival. You will need this to get in!!


Park anywhere next to the horse pasture on the West side of the property…along the edge of the parking area, next to the rustic fence and painted cow.


Please give me your expected arrival time upon booking. Then text me at 707-484-7228 when you’re actually on your way here and have a more specific idea. (I am usually here but knowing your ETA helps me to plan my day and evening).


Password is: DaveCatherine

House Rules

• Please use coasters to protect the coffee, end, and dining tables from water rings.
• Nobody would smoke inside, right?
• Be gentle with the shades.
• When you are leaving, throw the wet towels in the shower stall, not on the wood floor because moisture damages wood.

Check Out

Check-out time is 11:00 am unless we’ve previously agreed on another time. If you think you will need a later check out and we haven’t spoken, text me (707-484-7228), and we can probably work something out.

Please say good bye to me- I’d like to know when you are off and hope you had a great time.


Other Useful Stuff

There are beans, a grinder and a French press, etc..… all out on the counter so you can find them. Teabags are in the cupboard.

I have hung towels for your use. If you need more, you can find them in the linen closet to the right of the sink in the bathroom.

The thermostat is on the left just outside the bedroom door (as you face the bedroom). You usually don’t need to use heat or air conditioning, but feel free to make yourself comfortable. If you’d like some heat, the little “wood” (gas) stove in the living room is a lot sexier, and will heat the whole space quickly. As you face the stove on the back left hand corner you will see a rocker switch to turn it on.

When you arrive you will find a longer Red Barn “manual” with much more extensive information on restaurants, things to do, places not to miss etc.

There is streaming NetFlix, as well as regular Comcast cable service.

I have positioned the blinds in the living room and bathroom in such a way as to give you privacy from the main house. If you decide to open or close any of them please be very gentle. They are expensive and delicate…so just pull softly, they work just fine. Thanks for your cooperation!

Feel free to use all kitchen equipment, supplies, and staples. Please let me know if you use up something (flour, sugar, coffee, etc.) completely. If you have any questions about how to find or use something, don’t hesitate to text me (707-484-7228). Help yourself to anything in the kitchen!

There’s a washer and dryer in the garage closest to the stairs. There are directions for use posted on them.


Thank you!!

Catherine Jefferson